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In today’s fast paced world, where fashion changes so quickly, clothes cost so little and last even less,
we earn for some constancy and dependability.
There was a time when garments were created with finest of materials and techniques,
to last several generations.
While dressing solely in vintage will make you look like you are in a costume drama,
bringing in some vintage elements will make you feel more connected to the elegant fashion past.
Building up your look on the foundation of trued and tested classics will help you create a unique and personal style.
With this in mind I have created my Modern Vintage collection. My goal was to achieve a fresh and contemporary look
with the help of old-fashioned design elements and shapes.
I believe that the combination of the two creates wardrobe classics you can depend on to stay current for many years.
I think I have succeeded in my endeavour, and I hope you enjoy the collection.



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