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Al Burq,

Our company is newly established in 2012. It is a progressive company involved in indent and import of
CAD/CAM system, for the apparel Industry.
Our company is also a consultancy-based company with focus on providing innovative solutions for
apparel manufacturing lines and meeting the changing need soft he industry with modern
technology. We are a strong team of highly competent, with Gerber certified engineer, having 15+
years of experience in CAD/CAM,
We have sole distributions for some, European & Chinese reliable brands for CAD/CAM.
We are representing to, TKT Brain Power & Cosmotex (Spanish Brand)
As well as we are giving application & Service support to “GERBERTECHNOLOGY” (Free elance) too,
You may not recognize the company name on the letterhead, but we think it will become familiar quickly— We’ve started our own company.
As you know, we spent nearly 15 years as Service engineer, in Gerber CAD/CAM
We’ve putting that background to use in our new company,
We’ve always been noted for giving our clients a little “extra.”Now that we have our own company you’ll
get even more.


Muhammad Sohail & Sirajuddin

    AL BRQ Solutions
    A-10, Block #19, F.B .area, Karachi
    Mobile# +92-3452477566,






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